Materials Compliance Series
Product Substance Management & Compliance 

Virtual Conference | March 25-26 2021

Materials Compliance Series
Product Substance Management & Compliance 

Virtual Conference | April 22-23 2021

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About the Virtual Conference on Product Substance Management & Compliance

THE CONCEPT OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY has long been a staple in the vocabulary of anyone who wants to come across as at least somewhat progressive. What has changed in the last couple of years is that this production model has started to gain traction with people who have the mandate to actually make it happen. Policymakers all over Europe, and elsewhere, are already in the drafting stage of several circular frame­ works and a growing number of businesses are on the move too. Today, circular economy is more than just a buzzword. 

One of the Key challenges is how to handle Hazardous Substances in Circular Economy

CHEMICALS ACTUALLY PLAY A LARGER ROLE in a circular eco­nomy than one might first think.


How so? 

Since hazardous chemicals are common ingredients in all kinds of materials they obviously end up in recycled materials as well. This fact makes it virtually impossible to grow the market for recycled materials – the material transparency is simply too low for chemically progressive brands to want to re­use these materials in new products. 

HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS IN PRODUCTS AND SUPPLY CHAINS are not only a real threat to human health and the environ­ment, they also pose a reputational liability. A growing number of brands and retailers understand that hazardous substances mean exposing customers to a risk – or a per­ceived risk, which can be just as devastating for the brand. To account for this risk, many of the world’s most well known brands have their own internal requirements stating which chemicals are allowed in their products, requirements that go beyond what is needed for legal compliance. Unfortunately, except for very specific cases, recycled materi­als cannot meet such requirements today. 

Established under the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) – SCIP is the database for information on Substances of Concern in articles as such or in complex objects (Products). Industries supplying articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) on the Candidate List in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) on the EU market have to submit information on these articles to ECHA, as from 5 January 2021. The SCIP database ensures that the information on articles containing Candidate List substances is available throughout the whole lifecycle of products and materials, including at the waste stage. The information in the database is then made available to waste operators and consumers.

Main Topics
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence & Materials Compliance - Supplier Onboarding

  • Conflict Minerals Compliance

  • Human Rights & Anti-Slavery Regulations

  • Supply Chain Audits

  • Supply Chain Data Management & Automation

  • Sourcing Strategies for Industries with Complex Products

  • Latest Updates on EU Chemical Compliance 

  • Post Brexit Chemical Compliance Landscape for EU & UK

  • New EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN)

  • Polymers under REACH 

  • China New Chemical Substance Notification - China REACH / RoHs

  • Workable SCIP Database - Post Deadline Lessons Learned

  • Sustainable Waste Management in 2021

  • Smart Product Planning & Eco-Design Strategies 

  • COVID-19 recovery package and the European Green Deal

Who Should Attend

The Summit will be attended by professionals responsible for:

  • Eco-Design

  • Product Design

  • Product Management

  • Materials Management

  • Substance Management

  • Chemical Compliance

  • REACH/RoHs/SCIP/SVHC Compliance

  • Hazardous Substance Management

  • Hazardous Chemicals Compliance

  • Supply Chain Due Diligence

  • Supply Chain Data Management

  • Supplier Audit & Verification

  • Supplier Onboarding

  • Materials Sourcing

  • Waste Management


  • Product Safety

  • Product Sustainability

Progress with us
  • Join as a Delegate


Join as a delegate and benefit from this knowledge-driven event that serves as a platform to exchange experience among key industry experts. 

Live during the virtual event, participants have access to: practical workshops, corporate case study presentations, open discussions and round table panels. 
Post event the conference recording is available in video format together with the documentation package of all case studies and panel discussion summaries presented at the event.

Face-to-face networking-oriented setup for virtual conferences organized by Future Bridge Events, providing unparalleled advantage in learning best practices from industry peers. 


  • Sponsor and Present Your Product Demo, Services & Solutions 

Sponsoring a virtual conference hosted by Future Bridge Events enables a vendor company to leverage from direct networking with industry decision-makers who are at the forefront of the strategic processes in their organizations.
The tailored virtual conferencing platform adopted by Future Bridge Events provides maximum interaction in-between participants - granting vendor companies the desired exposure. 
Virtual booths / tailored breakaway sessions / virtual face-to-face meetings allow our sponsors to gain closer alignment with their potential clients and introduce their products/services to the desired target audience while enjoying exclusivity and support make possible by the conference's end-user driven format.


  • Join as a Speaker

Share your knowledge at a virtual conference organized by Future Bridge Events and gain access to a highly researched, topic-specific conference for 2 days. 
Joining as a speaker will allow you to not only be heard but also to learn the best industry practices from your peers. 
Special participation rates apply to the team that takes part from the same company as our speakers and contributors. 
Presenting a corporate case study that will greatly benefit an audience of highly focused experts and practitioners, in addition to facilitating knowledge exchange that will ensure you and your peers embrace the future with certainty.


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